D1.1 Project Information Manual & Quality
D7.4.1 Project initial website
D7.4.2 Project presentation
D2A SoA and Guideline for Technology, UGC, and Collaboration Tools
D7.4.3 Project brochures (Outer, Inner)
D2.1 Users and Uses of games and Community Activities
D2.6 Planning document for the Verification
D70.1.1 Report on Meeting with Stake-holders
D1.4 Risk Management Plan/Report
D7.6.1 Ethics, Legal and Gender Report Version 1
D3A System Architecture and detailed design of Network Technologies Games Adaptation, 3D and UGC
D7.1.1 Dissemination and Use Plan
D7.5 Coordination and Standards Activities
D4A Implementation of Network using P2P and Advance Streaming
D6A Instruction for the Verification Process
D5A Report on System Implementation
D7.1.2 Update of Exploitation Plan-version 2
D6B Execution and Results of Technology Verification
D6.4 CNG best practices report
D7.1.3 Final Exploitation Plan
D70.1.2 Report on Meeting with Stake-holders
D7.2 Report on Project Scientific Dissemination
D7.3 Project CD
D7.6.2 Ethics, Legal and Gender Report Final
D1FR Final report