CNG’s vision is to:
  • Enhance the capacity of MMOGs to support users in the collaborative development and sharing of innovative (3D and video) UGC;
  • Help MMOGs to encompass new UGC tools and support new business models through new functionalities based on the project’s InGame Graphics Insertion Technology;
  • Further support and engage with the ongoing rapid growth in popularity of MMOGs;
  • Future exploitation of the proposed IGIT and P2P technologies in the large market of PC games and integrate with external communities such as Facebook and Twitter.

Project Summary

Meeting the demand to efficiently enable MMOG players to cooperate and communicate in an online world, requires new methods of transmitting UGC. CNG intends to enhance collaborative activities between online gamers by developing new tools for the generation, distribution and insertion of UGC into the existing MMOG server. CNG will research and develop in-game community activities using in-game graphical insertion technology (IGIT) and a Combined CDN (Content Delivery Network)-P2P (peer-to-peer) architecture for the distribution of UGC.